Welcome to the world of Purposeful Parenting with educational psychologist Jean S Barnes. This is an immensely practical book born from fifty years of experience as a teacher, counselor and school psychologist.
We’ll share practical, inspirational, insightful and encouraging tips here while we work together to raise kids who are learning their best for life with our six guiding principles for you and six steps for them. Based on where Biblical wisdom and cutting edge research connect to form optimal parenting the principles are :
1. Love – loving in ways your child learns to love;
2. Discipline –  discipling authoritatively so your child can make the right choices; 
3. Purpose and Passion – pursing your passion and living with a purpose while helping your child uncover their passion;
4. Character – treating others as you want to be treated, loving others as you want to be loved and your children will do the same;  
5. Responsibility – fostering age appropriate independence and competence; 
6. Persevere –  teaching your child to learn from failure and never give up.

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