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Jean S Barnes

Jean S Barnes, Educational Psychologist, pours her extensive background and experience into teaching parents to nurture their children warmly and discipline authoritatively, while cultivating character, competence and confidence. Principles and practices set forth in this book are based on her passion for study and research regarding parenting, family studies and Biblical wisdom. In addition, insights and experiences as a mom and grandmother who’s been divorced, single, a widow – in every role- and as a teacher, counselor and school psychologist are shared. Jean says, “I have seen these principles work – and have filed the book with all these perspectives, plus examples, practical tools, inspiration and encouragement too. I am saying be steady, practice these things we know in psychology and from God’s word to work and do these things over and over as your child grows. I am not promising your child or you will be perfect, but you will be better and grow in stronger and wiser – both you and your child. These principles will carry you through life.”

A veteran educator, Jean is highly esteemed for her expertise in diagnosing behavior and learning problems, developing successful strategies to solve these problems, while helping parents and teachers to implement change.

Barnes brings an impressive resume as a leader in diagnostic/individualized learning, home school collaboration and character education in eight outstanding public school systems across the country.

  • Four years as leader of ungraded individualized intermediate team.
  • Awarded a series of grants to implement Raising Kids with Character programs at the elementary level.
  • Pioneered groundbreaking Family Growth seminars that rouse parents and educators to work together for the benefit of the children.
  • Her model program, Family Growth Seminars, earned a grant by the State of Connecticut was published in Promising Practices in Special Education and Student Services, and lead to professional development seminars for counselors and psychologists.
  • Love and Discipline: Keys to Effective Teaching and Parenting presented at National Association of School Psychologist in 1996
  • The Parent Teacher Connection: Strengthening the Link presented at National Association of School Psychologist 1997

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